Blueberry Hill


The anchorage shown on page E35 of the GSL Cruising Guide off the SW end of Sosan Island near the mainland turns out to be unsuitable for an extended stay.  I’ve experienced NE wind funneling wickedly down the channel and raising hell, wild waves, and general marine discomfort.

A harbour behind Blueberry Hill saves the day: squeeze over a shallow sand-bar and you’re in good depth, good holding, calm water and fine shelter.  If you do touch bottom going in, no big deal: you’ve been going dead slow, you touch bottom, you back out and try again nearby, no damage.  In July of 2011, with the water level exceptionally low, Yola settled in an inch or two of soft mud for the first time ever.  She draws 5 feet.  No sweat: after two more easy tries, she found a way through and anchored nicely in 18’ of water.

Dinghy ‘round the corner for good shore access, fishing and hiking.

Here’s a printable replacement or supplement for page E35:   Sosan Island.pdf

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Safe anchorage behind Sosan Island