Marina Harbour


Not many real hurricane holes around the lake and none as pretty as this one.

Dick Abernethy kindly brought me here in 2000 after  making me swear a mighty oath never ever to tell anyone about it.  So here it is folks, Marina Harbour, a lovely and secure little basin just 4.5 nm and 45° T from Reliance.

Pump some adrenalin weaving your way in, then relax in total comfort and safety:  whatever the lake and sky throw at you, you won’t care.  There’s even the perfect cliff for that (false) sense of security in a lightning storm.

Marina Harbour’s a good spot for a breather before heading back West as well as a convenient base for poking around the very end of the lake.  Or just to be there for its own sake — and yours.

A couple photos are already in Orpheus Cruise 2002

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YA Hurricane Hole