Jan’s Haven


Jan's Haven is a super all-round sheltered mini lagoon with its own private entrance; good holding in around 20' fairly close to shore; ideal shore access, a miniature sand beach with a bird on it and fish around the corner; and excellent and easy walking.  Dinghy over to the east end of the island for a wonder-full smooth-rock, open and picturesque amble, bring your camera.

Note the reef at the entrance: arriving from the West and/or South, give the reef a wide berth, pass the waypoint aiming straight for the shore and hang a left in mid-channel.  You'll be in deep water all the way to the very end, no problem.  In general, stay well out since shoals lie all along the Southern shore, sometimes only 3-4' below the surface.  When close, approach the entrance at a right angle, not parallel to the shore.

Jan's Haven is named after my Admiral and evokes my favourite 18th Century Moravian missionary.  It's a good stop after exploring the Lost Channel, on the way to or from the Barnston and beyond and it's even a day-sail from Quiet Cove/Utsingi if you've got the stamina, a long day and the right wind.  We’ve also used it as a hidey-hole from those thunderbumpers that love zipping around McLeod Bay in late July/August

350° of hiking, fishing and huddling in wind, lightning or rain