Expect calms in July with winds blowing up or down the bay, seldom across. August and September, you’ll get strong gusterly winds added to the calms.  At all times, watch for gusts, wind funnels and wild rides especially between Redcliff Island and the mainland, in The Gap between Christie and Wildbread Bays, on Wildbread Bay and in Magic Finger.  Ask Iain McPherson for the story of his beautiful sail from Fortress Island to Utsingi and beyond, spinnakering at 6 knots with no apparent wind nor a ripple on the surface — but watch out: not only does he love telling his story, and its’s a good one, but he also loves repeating it.  You’ve been warned.

Figures lie and liars figure so for lack of details on Christie Bay

here’s what the weather gurus say about Yellowknife:

And now for some off-the-wall ideas about thunderbumpers: it seems to me that the Pethei, Douglas and Kaochella Peninsulas on the north shore might be fending off some of the scary thunderstorms we’re used to seeing in McLeod Bay and in the Reliance area in later July and August.  They seem more frequent there – see this example – than in Christie Bay.  But what do I know?  That’s just my impression. I’m not saying there aren’t thunderbumpers in Christie Bay.  I’m just saying they seem somewhat fewer than further north.  Not so many as in Reliance. Who knows, I might be wrong.  I’ve been wrong before.  In 1979.  Or was it 1980?...... yes, I think that’s when it was.  Maybe ....