Getting There: Expressways, Toll-Free and Country Roads


Why not use the side door?  Past Blanchet Island and on to the Utsingi Point area and you’re there.  You’re also – at last – into our world-class lake trout sport fishery with fair anchorage at the Americans or Quiet Cove.  Enter Christie Bay through the narrow passage between Utsingi Point and the island with the light on it, in 25’ of water.  You’ve arrived!

Longer but more interesting if only because less familiar to most of us is to sail the south shore of Blanchet Island along the south shore of the Caribou Islands, where there’s an excellent anchorage, or by going south between the Caribous and Blanchet and hanging a left, maybe after a visit to Lady Jane Bay or Shelter Bay in the northeast corner of Blanchet Island.  Harbours along this route will lie mostly on the southern shore of the passage, along the scattered islets by Wilson and Simpson Islands.  And the road will fork a couple times: left or right of Seton Island?  Inside or outside Isabel Island, that long slender proboscis guarding Le Nez?  Or thread your way into the main channel via the needle’s eye at the southwest tip of Seton Island?

Better still, do both: go east one way and come back the other on your way home.

Nipin Bay at the very north end of Blanchet Island is the gateway to Christie Bay and the shortest way there from Yellowknife is around Gros Cap and up the Hearne Channel where you may stop at any of these places en route (info about them will show up on later pages and in the meanwhile you can let Pendragon show you some of them):

  1. -Gros Cap shortcuts, Devil’s Channel and Campbell Bay 

  2. -Girv’s Bight

  3. -Lady Jane Bay                 - Caribou Is. Nookie

  4. -Pauline Bay                     - Shelter Bay on Blanchet Is.

  5. -François Bay                   - George’s Pocks, Blanchet Is.

  6. -McKinley Point

  7. -Hole in the Wall

There’s a back door, too, used by the folk from Lutsel’ Ké on their way to Old Fort Providence in Charlton Bay for their annual August retreat.  From McLeod Bay, drag your Lund or your dinghy over ±100 m on rails and logs at the Lost Channel and Bingo!  You’re in  and off to the races.